Contractors: What Are You Missing by Answering Your Own Calls?

Contractors What Are You Missing by Answering Your Own Calls

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We have worked with more than one contractor who previously avoided signing up for a live answering service for fear of missing calls. We understand the sentiment. Trusting your business phone to someone else can be a bit scary. But doing things yourself in hopes of avoiding missing calls could mean you are missing other things. More specifically, you could be missing out on the many benefits live answering services bring to the table.

What are those benefits? You will have to keep reading to find out. As you do, remember that Apello offers a complete range of live answering services that can be custom tailored to your business as a contractor. Being a contractor doesn’t mean you have to settle for an off-the-shelf solution that might not work for you.

1. Around the Clock Service

The most important aspect of a live answering service is arguably the around-the-clock coverage you get. Don’t you deserve that kind of coverage? Of course you do. You have your own life outside of your business. You have a family. You like to do things that don’t involve work. So why should you be tethered to your phone all the time?

A live answering service takes your calls 24/7/365. Better yet, you do not have to limit answering services to after hours. You can have your service provider take calls even during the business day. That is a tremendous help because, let’s face it, busy contractors can easily miss calls when they have their dirty hands buried deep in whatever it is they do.

2. Call Screening Services

A good live answering service doesn’t just take calls and record messages. They also screen calls to determine priority. This is big for contractors. As a contractor yourself, you know that situations your customers consider critical emergencies can often wait for some time. You do not have to respond immediately to every call that comes in.

Call screening takes care of prioritizing calls. As a contractor, that means you spend less time on the phone and more time actually working. You ultimately end up serving your customers better because you are not distracted by the phone constantly ringing.

3. Appointment Scheduling

Busy contractors are known to schedule appointments days or weeks in advance. Being busy means that they cannot jump the moment a customer calls. But a busy contractor also doesn’t have enough time in his day to break out the appointment book and schedule new service multiple times per day. Once again, this is an area in which a live answering service shines.

Apello personnel can schedule appointments for you. So can most other live answering services. A reliable scheduling service can help you win new customers while simultaneously keeping existing customers happy. Schedule requirements can also help weed out people who are just calling in for a little bit of free advice.

4. Call and Message Forwarding

Finally, you may be busy enough that you have brought in a few people to help out. After hours, you and your team rotate on-call responsibilities. A call answering service relieves you of the responsibility of answering incoming calls and then forwarding information to whoever is on-call that evening. It is all managed for you by your answering service.

Contractors are in a tough position when it comes to the phones. They don’t want to miss a single call, and rightly so. But there is a better way than a contractor handling every call himself: a live answering service that offers 24/7 coverage, call screening, appointment scheduling, and call and message forwarding services.

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