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Do you want your customers to talk to a live person at all times, no matter the time of day or day of the year? Apello can fulfill that need, ensuring your business meets all your customers’ needs and generates success. No matter your industry, Apello is trained and experienced to help meet your answering service needs. Here are just a few of the industries we’ve worked for.



Staying in touch with clients is critical to your success. Never miss an important message or a potential client’s call with our answering service. You have the option to ensure that certain calls are put through to you so you have continual communication with important clients.



Sometimes, a call can make the difference between life and death. Make sure that all your calls are answered through our experienced answering service. We ensure HIPPA compliancy.


Property Management

Guarantee that your tenants’ needs are met with our answering services. We can also coordinate calls with service technicians such as plumbers and contractors.


Small Business

Do you own a small business? Make sure that customers can talk to a live person after business hours. This can guarantee success for your business as we help customers with their needs.



Whether you’re in construction, plumbing, or another service industry, we can ensure that all customer and client calls are answered. Let us screen your calls and help coordinate your appointments to ensure business opportunities and service jobs.

These are only a few of the industries we’ve worked with in our decades of service. We have worked with over 40 industries, so give us a call today at 1-800-429-9444.

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