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Satisfy Customers’ Needs

Apello’s live answering service can give your organization more freedom, more opportunities, and more satisfied customers. Key components of our world-class service are the following:


Apello has been providing quality answering service since 1934. Our experience equals your success. Call us today and see how we can design a service that will exceed your expectations.

FAST Service!

Over 85% of calls are answered by the third ring. That’s 18 seconds or less!

Rigorous Quality Standards

How we serve your callers reflects upon your organization.

To ensure that every one of your calls is answered professionally and courteously, our calls are measured against a 25-point quality standard. Every agent is scored—every week.


You decide everything:

  • What we say when we answer
  • What information we collect from your callers
  • What information we give out to callers
  • How your calls and handled
  • How your messages will be delivered

Our specialized software and equipment make it possible for us to completely customize your caller’s experience. Callers need not know they have reached your answering service.

More Messages = More for Your Money

Don’t waste your time and money on answering services that are content to let your callers call back.

Apello uses proven techniques that result in more messages from your callers. These methods can as much as double the number of messages taken from your callers.

All Inclusive Pricing

Apello’s pricing is all inclusive, and with our price-match guarantee you can’t go wrong! Click here for more information or call our office for a free consultation at 1-800-429-9444.

Other Service Features

  • 24/7 service – 365 days per year
  • 100% call recording
  • Web-enabled operators can access your website or custom web application
  • Bilingual service in Spanish available
  • Toll free numbers available
  • No charge message logs
  • Over 30 standard reports available

Business Hours: 24/7/365

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