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Earn More Business for Your Small Company

Apello is the communications partner every small business needs to be successful. Can your small business afford a full time receptionist? With Apello it can. We can do the following:

  • Answer calls
  • Screen your calls
  • Transfer calls

…All according to your direction.

Messages = Leads = $$$

Opportunity may only knock once, and you have to answer the call to earn the business. At Apello, we recognize the high value of each inquiry and the campaign that generated that lead.

Don’t waste your time and money on answering services that are content to let your callers call back.

Apello uses proven techniques that result in more messages from your callers. These methods can as much as double the number of messages taken from your callers.

We answer every call the way you want it answered. We use the following:

  • Your name
  • Your greeting
  • Your choice of message delivery

Let Apello take your small business to the next level. Call now at 1-800-429-9444.

Part-Time (or No) Administrative Staff?

Let us support your office management or be your remote receptionist. Overflow answering is a great way to provide the professional presence today’s clientele demand. And you keep costs low since you only pay for the service you use.

Call today and talk to an experienced salesperson to design a communications solution that’s right for you at 1-800-429-9444.

Answering after hours calls yourself? Vacation service may be right for you!

Take a well-deserved break, and let Apello answer and dispatch your calls. Our services are available on a temporary basis—just when you need them. Whether you are planning a vacation or just need a night off once in a while, call Apello at 1-800-429-9444. We can help!

Habla Espanol? Apello provides service in both Spanish and English.

Business Hours: 24/7/365

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