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Apello has been a premier provider of live answering and call center services since 1934. Our call center handles over one million calls per year and has capacity available now to meet your needs. Our experience, technology, and quality of service set us apart as the premier provider for live answering service.

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More Freedom

Your business is important, but so are your family, friends, and personal time. 76% of the week happens outside of the 9 to 5 business hours. Let Apello help you balance your professional and personal responsibilities. You can trust the professionals at Apello to handle your calls as if they were our own.

More Opportunities

Opportunity may only knock once, and you have to answer the call to earn the business. At Apello, we recognize the high value of each inquiry and the campaign that generated that lead.

More Satisfaction

At Apello, every call counts, and every detail matters.

Your customers will appreciate speaking with a real person when you are not available. And when that person is courteous and professional, your relationship with your customers is strengthened.

Apello’s carefully selected operators take information with the poise of your own personnel and deliver it directly to you, using a variety of available delivery options. Our goal is to redefine what you expect from a high quality telephone answering service partner.

When your customers call, they will receive prompt, expert answers that increase their loyalty to your brand. You want to know that they are consistently treated with courtesy and professionalism.

At Apello, we’ve integrated state-of-the-art technology with proven customer service standards to bring the highest level of service to your clients.

Rigorous 25-Point Quality Inspection

We pay top dollar for top performance. Our operators’ calls are evaluated weekly using our 25-point Quality Development criteria. Operators are paid a bonus for meeting expectations in these areas.

More for Your Money

Get the best of both worlds . . . 24 hour answering without the cost of staffing your employees around the clock.

More Messages = More Money

Don’t waste your time and money on answering services that are content to let your callers call back. Apello uses proven techniques that result in more messages from your callers. These methods can as much as double the number of messages taken from your callers.

Apello’s All Inclusive Pricing

Our pricing is up front and honest. You pay only for the time we spend on your calls. There are no other hidden fees or charges. Here are some of the fees that other companies charge that are included in your service with Apello:

  • No rounding or minimum call lengths
  • We bill monthly. That is 12 times per year. There is no hidden 13th billing cycle that you can get with other companies that bill you every 4 weeks.
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • No charge for daily message reports
  • No charge for faxing messages
  • No charge for emailing messages
  • No extra charge for holidays, weekends, or graveyards
  • No charge for account changes
  • No billing for ring time or hold time before the call is answered
  • No charge for recording calls

Business Hours: 24/7/365

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