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Price Matching

Apello prides itself on providing excellent service at fair prices. If you find a lower price, we’ll match it!

All Inclusive Pricing

Eliminate the surprises on your answering service bill.

It can be extremely difficult to compare prices among answering services. Some charge by call and some by minutes. Are you billed monthly or every 28 days (13 times a year)? What about extra fees for holidays and account management? Our straightforward approach takes the guesswork out of answering service pricing. You pay for the time we spend processing your calls, period. You pay for the time we spend talking to your callers and dispatching calls to your employees. There are NO per call minimums and NO rounding.

Apello is committed to upfront pricing. We’ll never nickel and dime you for standard service features. With Apello, there are none of the following:

  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • No charge for daily message reports
  • No charge for faxing messages
  • No charge for emailing messages
  • No extra charge for holidays, weekends, or graveyards
  • No charge for account changes
  • No 13th billing cycle
  • No billing for hold time
  • No charge for recording calls
  • No charge for texting

More Messages = More Opportunities = More $$$

Don’t waste your time and money on answering services that are content to let your callers call back. Apello uses proven techniques that result in more messages from your callers. These methods can as much as double the number of messages taken from your callers. That’s more leads for you and more money for your bottom line.

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Fall 2016

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