When the Holidays Are the Impetus for a Live Answering Service

When the Holidays Are the Impetus for a Live Answering Service

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As this post was being written, Thanksgiving was just days away. That meant Christmas and New Year’s Day were just around the corner. Over the course of the next six weeks or so, holiday activity will bring plenty of phone calls for certain types of organizations. We are thinking specifically of property management companies. How many of them utilize a live answering service?

Live answering services can be a lifesaver for property management companies year-round. But during the busy holiday season, when receptionists are not always in the office, fielding phone calls can be a big problem. It is a problem that shouldn’t be left to technicians and maintenance workers. Enter the live answering service.

Turkeys and Garbage Disposals

Thanksgiving is a big day for emergency maintenance calls. Property management companies that specialize in apartments need to be prepared for a slew of tenants calling in problems with their garbage disposal. What’s the deal on Thanksgiving? Turkeys and disposals don’t get along.

Any apartment building maintenance worker can tell you the tenants have a bad habit of trying to grind up all their turkey debris in the garbage disposal. The problem is that your typical disposal is not designed for such heavy work. Electric garbage disposals can get jammed up by bones. Their drains can be clogged by grease, skin, and even loose pieces of meat.

Here’s the thing: a technician may find himself elbow deep in a clogged sink when his phone goes off. He is in no position to take the call. At the same time, there is another tenant on the other end of that phone call looking for help. The tenant expects someone to answer right away.

Always Someone to Answer

The beauty of a live answering service is that there is always someone to answer when tenants call in. Whether it is a clogged garbage disposal or an HVAC system that wets the bed, tenants always have access to a real human being when emergencies present themselves. That makes for good customer relations.

A specialized property management answering service takes things one step further by handling certain tasks on behalf of the management company. For example, phone personnel are capable of basic triage to determine which calls need immediate attention as opposed to those that can wait. Personnel can also schedule repairs, get messages to technicians, and even contact property owners should circumstances warrant.

On the other hand, things can get dicey when phone calls are not answered quickly enough. Unhappy tenants already dealing with less-than-ideal situations can get cranky. And when they get cranky, they can be more difficult to deal with.

Don’t Leave Your Tenants Hanging

If you own or operate a property management company, don’t leave your tenants hanging. And if you manage properties on behalf of other owners, do not put them in that position, either. Do the right thing by guaranteeing there is always someone available to answer the phone.

With Christmas fast approaching, things are going to start picking up in the office. You are going to see more tenants calling in with what they perceive to be emergencies. Answering their calls and dealing with their emergencies right away is the best way to keep them happy. And when they are happy, so is your team.

Property management is one industry that still makes good use of telephone calls. When people want action, they want to speak to a person. We offer live answering services for that reason in particular. We can provide reliable service that will only make your property management company better.

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