When Tenants Call the Office, Who Picks Up the Phone?

When Tenants Call the Office, Who Picks Up the Phone?

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Among the industries we specialize in here at Apello is property management. We offer industry leading property management answering services designed to make sure tenants always reach a human being whenever they call. We believe this is critically important, especially during after-hours or emergency scenarios.

As a property management organization, how does your company manage incoming calls from tenants? When tenants call the office, who picks up the phone? It really does matter.

Resolution When Things Go Wrong

Whether you manage commercial properties, residential properties, or both, put yourself in your tenant’s shoes. If something goes wrong in your unit, you want it addressed as quickly as possible. At the very least you want to set the wheels in motion for quick resolution. That is how you would manage emergencies in your own home.

If you had a plumbing emergency in your kitchen, you wouldn’t neglect it until the following day. You would start working on a fix immediately. Tenants have the same expectation – and it is a reasonable expectation as well. Whether or not such expectations are met relies heavily on the results of a phone call made to the office.

I Want to Talk to a Person

Calling the office after hours is always a tricky proposition. If it’s me, I want to talk to a person rather than a machine. Talking to a person at least guarantees that someone knows of my problem. That person probably has a way to get in touch with the people who can solve it.

The one thing tenants do not want to connect with is a machine. They don’t want to reach voicemail that may or may not be checked on a regular basis. They don’t want to reach an automated answering system that leads them through a series of menu choices only to conclude with a message explaining that the office is closed and the caller needs to call back tomorrow.

Granted, sometimes tenants call the office with non-the emergency needs that truly can wait. But access to call screening services is another advantage of contracting with a property management answering service.

Prioritizing Incoming Calls

One of the things an answering service can do for property management companies is develop a unique screening system that manages calls according to priority. Emergent calls, which is to say calls relating to an ongoing emergency or an event that could become an emergency, are immediately routed to the proper recipients. Less important calls are managed in whatever way is best.

Prioritizing calls prior to forwarding reduces the risk of maintenance and management personnel being bothered during their off hours by things that don’t need immediate attention. At the same time, they can be instantly alerted when an emergency is genuine.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Here’s hoping we now have you thinking about the possibilities of hiring a property management answering service. If so, we want you to know that it is easier than you think. You can start by contacting Apello to request a free consultation. During that consultation, we can explain all our services, what they entail, and how they could help your organization. Of course, we can answer your questions too.

The tenants you are responsible for have a reasonable expectation of speaking with a human being whenever they call the office. One of your obligations as a property management company is to be available after hours and during emergencies. So again, we need to ask: when tenants call the office, who picks up the phone? The answer makes a difference when it comes to customer satisfaction.

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