What Does Your Property Management Answering Service Do for You?

What Does Your Property Management Answering Service Do for You

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It is not too much of a stretch to say that live answering services are a dime a dozen. There are answering services in just about every city in America. But the level of service a particular provider offers can vary from one to another. Take property management answering services. They are not consistent across every service provider.

If you utilize a property management answering service, what does it do for you? What types of services does your provider include with your contract? Those services are worth looking at if you feel like you’re not getting enough value for the price you are paying.

Typical Services You Might Expect

Property management is somewhat unique from a call answering perspective because you are not always dealing with callers expressing immediate needs. Property management companies get all sorts of calls covering everything from maintenance requests to vacancy inquiries.

As such, a property management answering service can do a lot of different things. Typical services you might expect include:

  • answering and routing tenant calls.
  • fielding calls from prospective renters.
  • scheduling viewing appointments.
  • scheduling maintenance requests.
  • taking messages for staff members.
  • responding to emergencies.
  • answering general property inquiries.

Does your current service provider do all these things? If so, most of your bases are covered. But if not, what services are lacking? Not providing those services could affect how callers perceive your company.

Property Management Is a 24/7 Gig

One of the most challenging aspects of property management is that it’s not a 9-to-5 enterprise. Property management is a 24/7 gig. Even though staff may not be on site around the clock, property emergencies can happen at any time. Calls come in after hours, even from prospective renters and others with general inquiries.

Property management companies have a variety of options for fielding their calls. The first option is to have staff members answer each and every call, even after hours. But that means hiring enough staff to cover the phones around the clock.

The second option is to have staff handle calls during the day then turn the phones over to an answering service after hours. This could be the most common of the three options. As for the third option, some property management companies contract with an answering service to handle all their calls.

Advantages of Hiring an Answering Service

Whether a property management company opts for after-hours or around-the-clock answering services, there are definite advantages to hiring out. Here are just some of them:

  • Greater Efficiency – Contracting with an answering service often leads to greater efficiency in the office. Staff are no longer distracted by the phones, so they can concentrate on other things.
  • Improved Customer Service – A property management answering service improves customer service by guaranteeing that calls are always answered. Neither tenants nor prospective renters need to make multiple calls just to reach someone.
  • Lower Costs – Though there are exceptions to the rule, companies often save money with an answering service by not having to hire and pay additional staff. Contracted services are cheaper than paying salaries and benefits.

It goes without saying that property management companies cannot let their phones go unanswered. Even in the era of technology, phone calls are still a primary means through which tenants and other interested parties reach out to property managers.

If you already have an answering service, does it meet your needs? We hope so. But if not, we invite you to contact us to learn more about what we can offer. Remember that your callers deserve your best effort.

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