Using the Phone to Create New Customers Does Work – Here’s How

Using the Phone to Create New Customers Does Work – Here_s How

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Certain industries are more likely to field a majority of phone calls from inquiring consumers. The legal industry immediately comes to mind. People call in looking to find information about legal representation. They are not necessarily ready to choose an attorney. Can anything be done about it? Absolutely. The phone is a great tool for creating new customers.

This post will explain four key principles for creating new customers over the phone. They apply to all sorts of industries including legal, medical, automotive repair, home contracting, and just about any other industry that fields a high percentage of inquiry calls.

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1. Greet Callers Remarkably

Experts have been telling us for years that we only have one opportunity to make a good impression. It is a truth that is just as valid on the phone as it is in person. When customers call your business to inquire about products or services, start that call with a remarkable greeting.

What does that mean? It means greeting them in a way that is both pleasurable and memorable. Whatever greeting you choose to utilize should make callers feel special. It should be warm, friendly, and capable of setting callers at ease before the very first question is asked.

2. Listen Actively

Active listening is a principle more companies are trying to teach their employees across all business operations. What is it? Active listening is the practice of actually paying attention to what others are saying while also making sure you fully understand before attempting to formulate a response. It is a skill that goes a long way toward turning callers into customers.

Representatives who demonstrate active listening over the phone also demonstrate that your company actually cares about customers. Active listening shows callers that you are interested in them and their needs. If a caller is left feeling important at the conclusion of a call, you are one step closer to winning that person as a long-term customer.

3. Avoid Awkward Silence

Someone calling in for information does not want to hear silence on the other end of the phone. Silence is awkward. It is also a telltale sign that the company representative either doesn’t know what to say or isn’t giving the caller their full attention. Neither scenario bodes well for creating a new customer.

The solution to awkward silence is to keep the conversation flowing. However, talking for the sake of doing so is not wise either. Think of a phone conversation as a gently moving river. Whoever takes the call should keep the river flowing toward the eventual destination. Regardless of what that destination might be, reaching it will encourage a caller to become a customer.

4. Look for Conversion Opportunities

Finally, you can use the phone to create new customers by always looking for conversion opportunities. A caller might ask a question that leads directly to an explanation of one of your services or products. The caller might mention a specific problem that your company is more than capable of solving. Do not be pushy, but don’t ignore golden opportunities to convert.

Some companies look at incoming calls as a burden. We don’t. Not only are incoming calls an opportunity to serve existing customers, but they are also an open invitation to create new ones. The phone really can be used for that purpose.

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