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Top Ten Reasons to Use Apello’s Live Answering Service

  • Experience

    Apello has the experience to help you succeed! In continuous operation since 1934, Apello is one of the most experienced answering services in the world. Apello provides services to clients of all varieties and sizes in over 40 different industries! Our experience designing communications solutions can help you achieve the results you are looking for.

  • 24 x 7 Communication

    Apello can answer your calls when you cannot or with your customers when you don’t want to! 8 to 5 answering covers less than 27% of the hours in a week! If you aren’t answering your calls LIVE after hours, you are missing opportunities.

  • Courteous & Professional

    We pay top dollar for top performance. Our operators’ calls are evaluated weekly using our 25-point Quality Development criteria. Operators are paid a bonus for meeting expectations in these areas.

  • Customized

    You decide everything: how we answer the phone, how we interface with your callers, or how you receive your messages. Nearly every aspect of our service is designed by you.

  • Fast Service

    Apello answers 80% of calls LIVE in 3 rings or less! Our sophisticated staffing software ensures that we have adequate staff to answer quickly.

  • Accuracy

    What good are messages if they are incorrect? Apello verifies name spellings and phone numbers to ensure that your messages are correct.

  • No Long-Term Contracts

    We’ll earn your business every month. If you don’t like our service, we believe you should be free to take your business somewhere else.

  • High Tech

    Our state-of-the are technology is designed for the answering service industry. We continually update and improve our IT infrastructure to provide you with the most features and options to address your communications needs.

  • Emergency Power

    Our UPS power supplies and backup generators ensure that we are always available to process your calls—even when disaster strikes.

  • Continuous Improvement

    At Apello, our philosophy of continuous improvement means that we are always looking for ways to serve you better. You’ll find our staff open to your suggestions and feedback—24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Multilingual Service

    Apello is proud to offer service in both English and Spanish to help you communicate with all of your customers.

Business Hours: 24/7/365

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