The Advantages of an Answering Service During Adverse Weather

The Advantages of an Answering Service During Adverse Weather

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We could list dozens of reasons for contracting with an answering service like Apello. But when it comes to a property management answering service, certain advantages come to mind. Property management is unique in so many ways. As such, the way incoming calls are managed is also somewhat unique.

Weather is always a concern in property management. Why? Because it wreaks havoc on both buildings and the land itself. Severe weather can have a maintenance crew scurrying to keep up with repairs, let alone handling day-to-day maintenance. Things are that much harder when the team is flooded with phone calls. Enter the property management answering service.

Weather Events Generate Calls

There is no doubt that weather events can generate calls for a property manager. As a case in point, consider a company that manages residential properties in South Carolina’s Outer Banks. A powerful summer storm can knock down trees, take out the power, damage roofs and patios, and even cause significant beach erosion. Imagine what hurricanes can do!

Owners living in other states are quick to call their property management companies every time a storm blows through. They want updates on their rentals, and rightly so. If they have renters in their homes at the moment, there may be a need for immediate maintenance and repairs in order to keep those renters happy.

The most challenging weather events are hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, and blizzards. We could probably also throw in wildfires and earthquakes, even though they are technically not weather events. They still cause the same kinds of damage and generate the same types of maintenance and repair calls.

An Answering Service Picks Up the Slack

As for the advantages of having an answering service in place during adverse weather, a good starting place is picking up the slack. An answering service is always there even when the maintenance crew has more than they can handle. Answering phones is what we do. We continue to take calls when maintenance workers cannot get to the phones.

Consider these added advantages:

  • 24/7 Access – Property owners and renters alike expect to be able to access their management companies at a moment’s notice. During adverse weather, that expectation only increases. An answering service gives them the access they expect.
  • Call Redirection – When things get busy in the maintenance shack, a call answering service can redirect calls that should go to the main office or elsewhere. Effective redirecting takes some of the load off the maintenance team.
  • Emergency Assistance – A live answering service can provide emergency assistance if necessary. Property management companies can provide customized scripts to make sure the right assistance is rendered based on circumstances.
  • Reputation EnhancementLive answering services boost a property management company’s reputation for always being available to help. During adverse weather, such a reputation is only enhanced.
  • Operational Continuity – Ensuring that all phone calls are answered in a timely and efficient manner promotes operational continuity. Such continuity is important, especially when severe weather leads to considerable damage that could take a while to address.

If you own or manage a property management company, you know that adverse weather can do a number on you and your team. The last thing you need is the stress of answering a flood of phone calls in the hours immediately following adverse weather.

Our best advice is to sign on with a live answering service. Here at Apello, one of our specialties is service for property management companies. Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can help your company.

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