The #1 Reason Live Answering Services Beat Automation

The #1 Reason Live Answering Services Beat Automation

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Here at Apello, we offer automated answering services to customers for whom they are the best option. Most of our customers choose live answering services, though. There is a reason for that. With the exception of a few types of unique circumstances, live answering services beat automation hands down. We generally recommend trying live services first.

Have you ever wondered why live services perform better? Multiple things are in play, but here is the #1 reason: callers are likely to abandon calls upon reaching an automated response system. The truth is that people do not like talking to computers. They don’t like self-service menus that force them to listen to list after list of options just to reach a customer service agent. Why do you think so many comedians make jokes about automated answering systems?

It is Not Even Close

A 2019 survey commissioned by Vonage clearly demonstrates how much people dislike automated answering systems. The survey collected data from 2,010 consumers with previous experience dealing with automated systems. Some 85% admitted abandoning calls after reaching an automated attendant. That is surprising enough. But check out two additional statistics:

  • 51% reported abandoning a business altogether after reaching an automated system.
  • 27% of the calls made by the respondents were abandoned because of automated services.

It is abundantly clear that consumers want to talk to human beings when they call businesses. This is true whether they contact a local contractor, a property management company, a medical office, or even a help desk. People are more likely to give up on calls after reaching automated services because they do not want the hassle of having to deal with machines.

Make Sure Your Customers Hear a Real Voice

Knowing how people feel about automated call answering systems brings us back around to the services we offer here at Apello. We specialize in live answering services for the healthcare industry, home contractor services, property management, and more. Whether you operate a successful plumbing business or manage a slew of rental houses in a tourist area, we can make sure your customers hear a real voice whenever they call your office.

Hearing a real voice immediately puts callers at ease. Better yet, they can immediately explain why they called rather than working their way through a series of menus just to reach a voicemail. They spend less time on the phone AND get real answers to their questions – which is the way it’s supposed to be.

Friendly and Helpful Personnel

If we could pinpoint one ‘secret’ to operating a successful live answering service, it would be to provide friendly and helpful personnel who are able to connect with customers over the phone on a more personal level. When call center personnel can make that connection with callers, those callers are more likely to be comfortable having a conversation. And comfortable callers become happier customers.

Even if a customer ultimately has to be redirected to a voicemail, just beginning the phone call with a live conversation can make an enormous difference. The customer at least knows that the company cares enough about them to staff the call center with real people. That goes a long way with customers.

It is true that automated answering services are sometimes the better way to go. But by and large, a live answering service will do a better job of connecting with your customers and giving them the sense that you care about them. If you and your team cannot be available to answer calls during regular business hours, and even after hours, our team can.

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