The #1 Key to Heroic Customer Service: Being Available

The #1 Key to Heroic Customer Service Being Available

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There is customer service, and then there is heroic customer service. We prefer the latter. Heroic customer service is next-level service that makes a company a hero in its customers eyes. The number one key to pulling it off is being available. That is where we come in. A live answering service makes customer service continually available even when you or your team are temporarily out of reach.

Customers Want That Human Touch

Answering machines are outdated. No one uses them anymore. As for voicemail, it is fine from a utilitarian perspective. But nothing replaces the experience of speaking with a real, live person – especially in a customer service scenario.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. If you had a customer service issue requiring quick resolution, would you be happy to reach a recorded message attached to a voicemail inbox? We guess not. We would also guess that your customers don’t appreciate voicemail either.

With so many companies still relying on voicemail and automated answering services, you can set yourself apart from the competition by contracting with a live answering service. You can become a hero to your customers by always giving them access to a human being.

Who Can Be a Hero?

Heroic customer service is customer service that’s made available 24/7. It is customer service offered by people who know what they are talking about and have real solutions to customer problems. When you can pull it off, you can be a hero.

It turns out that anyone can be a customer service hero with the right tools and strategies in place. The heroic customer service we recommend can be offered by:

  • Medical offices.
  • Law offices.
  • Home services contractors.
  • Property management companies.

Virtually any type of small business that allows customers to call in can offer heroic customer service if they are willing to put forth the time and effort. It all starts with making sure that someone is available to answer the phone around the clock.

The Clock No Longer Matters

Providing heroic customer service also depends on understanding that the clock no longer matters. The most heroic customer service departments are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.

Think about it. Fifty years ago, it was okay to operate a customer service department that clocked in at 9:00 am and clocked out at 5:00 pm. That was the schedule people were used to. But in the 2020s, we don’t follow such rigid schedules. That’s due in part to the on-demand economy ushered in by the cell phone.

These days, customers expect to reach a live customer service agent at all hours of the night or day. They expect someone to help them at midnight just as they would in the middle of the afternoon. Unfortunately, there is no more rest for the customer service weary. Teams need to be available around the clock.

We Never Stop

Live answering services like Apello are committed to answering every call when it comes in, regardless of the time of day or night. We never stop doing what we do. Our customers appreciate that. Guess what? Their customers do, too. By providing live answering services that guarantee someone is always available to answer the phone, we help our clients provide their customers with heroic customer service.

Do you want to be a hero to your customers? If so, don’t leave them with an automated message or a voicemail inbox after hours. Give them access to a real, live person by way of our answering services.

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