That Moment You Realize Your Company Needs a Call Center

That Moment You Realize Your Company Needs a Call Center

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Your business has been growing steadily for some time now. You have been able to keep up with phone calls, between your own efforts and your dedicated team. Yet you have come to the realization that you’re on the verge of falling behind. You realize your company needs an actual call center. A few employees with cell phones no longer cut it.

Customers Still Call On The Phone

Despite the rise of so many digital communication channels, the telephone still rules the day. Consumers still expect to be able to find active phone numbers they can call when they have a problem. In addition, they expect their calls to be answered by competent and helpful representatives. Enter the call center.

A call center is the destination for all inbound calls. It also represents the first opportunity a company has to provide memorable customer service. Get it right and you boost customer loyalty, drive repeat business, and increase revenues.

More Than Just Answering Calls

A big thing to remember about the call center concept is that it is about more than just answering calls and taking messages. A call center is a vital business hub built to handle a variety of tasks quickly and in a professional way. Here are some of those tasks:

  • Inbound Customer Service – Call centers should be staffed with representatives capable of answering questions, fielding queries, resolving complaints, and providing general assistance to customers regarding products and services.
  • Product or Technical Support – Call center personnel should be fully trained to provide at least a basic level of product or technical support. Incidentally, Apello offers tier 1 tech support as a stand-alone service or part of a call center package.
  • Outbound Sales – Call centers also act as hubs for outbound sales. Some customer service reps are trained to sell while they solve problems. Others are tasked exclusively with outbound sales.
  • Reception Services – A well-designed call center can act as a virtual reception area. Call center reps take messages, make appointments, schedule future work, etc.

There is plenty more a call center can handle. Everything from market research to order processing is on the table. The key when setting up a call center for the first time is to tailor it specifically to the needs of your business. Everything you and your limited team currently do over the phone should be included in the new call center.

Outsourcing Your Call Center Needs

Setting up a call center can be a daunting task. If the idea is to keep it in-house, you are looking at finding space, hiring staff, and investing in enterprise-grade telephone and computer equipment. If you have the time and money, go for it. But if not, consider outsourcing instead.

Call center needs can be outsourced just like basic answering services. A company like ours is more than capable of providing 24/7 call center service in a remote and secure location. A hybrid arrangement is possible, too. Your team staffs the call center during regular business hours while letting us handle after-hours and holiday staffing.

That moment you realize your company needs a dedicated call center is bittersweet. It is bitter in the sense that getting a call center up and running could take time and require considerable investment. But it’s sweet in that the need demonstrates your company is growing and expanding.

Would you like to learn more about our call center services? If so, contact us at your earliest convenience. From the basic live answering service to a fully functioning call center, we can help make your business better.

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