Phone Calls Aren’t Dead – Make Sure Your Phone Isn’t Either

Phone Calls Aren't Dead – Make Sure Your Phone Isn't Either

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There is a temptation to believe that digital technology has eliminated all the old ways of doing things. But reality tells a different story. For example, it is true that landline telephones are a dying breed. But that doesn’t mean people no longer make phone calls to businesses. They do. Survey data shows that people still prefer to contact companies by phone.

In a nutshell, business phone calls are not dead. You would be wise to make sure your phone isn’t, either. Someone should be answering your phone even when you are unable to. That means having either a staff member answer calls or contract with an answering service like Apello.

We can provide a plumbing or HVAC answering service. We can answer calls for property management companies, medical offices, and just about any other type of business. If your company has an inbound phone line – and it should, by the way – we can handle your calls by way of a professional answering service.

Reaching Companies by Phone

Digital marketers would have business owners believe that phone calls no longer matter. They put social media at the top of the list of preferred methods for contacting businesses. But survey data suggests something entirely different. A 2020 survey from Ring Central revealed that:

  • 36% of those over the age of fifty-six prefer using the phone.
  • 30% of those between 40 and 55 prefer the phone.
  • 22% of those between 18 and 39 prefer the phone as well.

Contacting companies by phone was the most preferred method for the oldest age group. Among the 40-55 age group, contacting companies by phone took second place to email – but only by one percentage point. What does all the data prove? That business phone calls are not dead.

More Phone Calls Than Social Posts

As long as we’re talking survey data, here is another statistic that might surprise you: upwards of 65% of all the customers who have contacted a business within the last month have done so by phone. Just 22% have attempted to make contact via social media. Equally surprising is the fact that preferring the phone over social media is not exclusive to Gen Xers or baby boomers. Even millennials prefer the phone at a rate of approximately 66%.

This isn’t to say that your company’s social media channels aren’t important. They absolutely are. But social media is not a particularly good customer service tool when people have real questions or real problems. It is great for making connections when things are going well. But when customers need legitimate help, they tend to call on the phone.

Someone Needs to Be There to Answer

So what does all this mean in the end? It means that someone needs to be there to answer when your customers call. Maybe you are a busy plumber who barely has time to eat lunch, let alone answer calls. We can answer those calls for you. The same goes if you are an electrician, landscaping provider, or any other type of home contractor.

Perhaps you are a medical professional instead. Maybe you’re a family doctor, an independent nurse practitioner, or even a physician assistant who offers primary care. One way or another, patients are expecting to talk with a live human being when they call your office. If you cannot answer those calls, we can.

Professional answering services are in high demand because business phone calls are not dead. Landlines may have gone the way of the dinosaurs, but people use their cell phones to contact businesses. They are calling your company. Is anyone answering?

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