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Phoenix Medical Answering Service

A successful medical practice needs to be able to respond to patients anytime, day or night. A practice that can not answer the phone 24/7 will lose out on business opportunities, hurting the bottom line.

Employing an answering service with live representatives is a solid solution for after-hours inquiries or late-night emergency calls. These leads can turn into more appointments while helping boost your reputation as the medical provider of choice in your area of operation.

We provide a viable answering service option for when your practice is unavailable to answer the phone outside of business hours in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Our representatives offer immediate contact for potential clients having an emergency or anyone with hours outside of your office time.

You need a telephone answering service capable of handling each call with the necessary enthusiasm and professionalism that promotes a working relationship with callers. Our agents will provide this through an established protocol for emergency or routine calls. We can collect the details your sales team needs to follow up on potential leads, helping with conversion.

Our goal is to provide consistent and professional services through a proven call process that is easy to start and use. You can rest at night knowing well-trained agents are standing in for you when you are not in the office or working in the field.

Attentive and Receptive Answering Service Call Agents

Day or night, your patient base needs to be able to reach your medical practice. You will be able to meet those demands using our professionally trained call agents who provide fast and efficient customer service.

Addressing customer issues in real-time and communicating with them no matter what time it might be will help build your company’s reputation as a go-to medical service provider in Phoenix and the surrounding area. We can help with a variety of services.

Capturing Essential Patient Info

Most medical practice owners run their business from a mobile device. Mobile phones let you communicate in the field, but sometimes you have no signal or are unavailable for a call.

Our medical answering services provide a perfect solution to these dilemmas. We provide highly-trained call agents and live virtual operators who can represent your company in a way that improves your business profile with each call. These services create seamless interactions and promote a satisfying caller experience.

Remain Reliable and Flexible

We use a logic-based telephony platform that gives our agents the tools to provide your patients with outstanding service, no matter what type of call it is. Scripts can be adjusted whenever you need, and you will have access through the web portal to update on-call schedules and contact lists.

Combining agent training and the latest technology allows for efficient call answering. We gather customer information intelligently for intake requests or to dispatch emergency calls. Meanwhile, you are free to focus on the medical services your clients require.

Benefits of a 24/7 Phone Answering Service

The Phoenix metro area medical market is competitive, meaning you need a competitive edge. Let’s look at how we can provide the edge you need to grow your business and position yourself as a premiere service provider.

Scheduling Appointments

We’re not just an answering service; we can also help you set appointments. Convert your calls into cash using the newest technology that lets you integrate service calls into your management system. Get real-time viewing that allows you to plan your schedule in the field, in the office, or from home.

Routing Calls

Our routing feature lets you move an incoming call from a queue to the person or department they need. It uses pre-established criteria that allow agents to shuffle the call to individuals or groups. Your calls get handled effectively and seamlessly, placing customers in contact with the correct department without long waits.

Taking Messages

Your ability to take messages 24/7 stands out and gives your patients confidence in your ability to help them. We also have professionally trained live virtual receptionists helping you make contact with potential patients at every chance. Your reputation increases, helping you land more paying jobs.

Call Overflow

You might find yourself short-staffed or experiencing a period of high-volume calls. Our overflow support team can help. We have knowledgeable team members capable of handling lots of calls professionally. We can help catch all the calls your business is unable to at any given time.

Our monthly packages are affordable and do not sacrifice maximum coverage. We offer custom reporting that lets you see dispatch history, messages, and increased visibility of received calls.

The Valley has a reputation for keeping medical service companies busy around the clock. To keep your company growing, you should rethink your telephone answering approach. Our medical answering services free you and your team up to focus on what you do best.

Our professionally trained agents answer incoming calls the way you want, from emergency calls to routine inquiries. Each time you miss a call, it costs you a chance to establish a new patient or continue a relationship with existing ones. Let us help keep your current patients satisfied.

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