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At Apello, every call counts and every detail matters.

Your customers will appreciate speaking with a real person when you are not available. And when that person is courteous and professional, your relationship with your customers is strengthened.

Apello’s carefully selected operators take information with the poise of your own personnel and deliver it directly to you, using a variety of available delivery options. Our goal is to redefine what you expect from a high quality telephone answering service partner.

When your customers call, they will receive prompt, expert answers that increase their loyalty to your brand. You want to know that they are consistently treated with courtesy and professionalism.

Apello’s 3-Pronged Approach for Quality Service

Rigorous Quality Assurance

Our full-time quality assurance staff ensures that your calls are handled professionally and courteously by listening to and scoring calls against our own 25-point quality assurance standard. Every operator is evaluated every week, so we are always on our game. Operators are paid a bonus for meeting expectations in this area.

Continuous Improvement – Ongoing Training

Our operators are carefully selected and receive thorough initial training, as well as monthly ongoing training that every employee receives. This commitment to continuous improvement is another way Apello operators stay the best in the industry.

Excellent Service Level

At Apello, we use sophisticated staffing software to track and predict call volumes. This software ensures that our call center is staffed appropriately, so your calls are answered—FAST! We staff to answer 80% of our calls in 5 rings (30 seconds) or less.

Did you know?

Apello records 100% of calls! Call recordings are used for the following:

  • To provide quality assurance and coaching
  • For training new and existing employees
  • For client review upon request

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