Make a Good Impression on the Phone With a Solid Greeting

Make a Good Impression on the Phone With a Solid Greeting

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We are all familiar with the idea of making a good first impression. In the call center environment, our opportunity to do so often rests in the greeting. How a caller is greeted influences everything else that occurs during that call. Therefore, common sense dictates creating a solid greeting that is utilized consistently.

The big question is what constitutes a solid greeting. Given that Apello specializes in live answering services, we have some helpful tips for figuring it out. Note that the basic principles of developing a solid greeting apply to just about every business and industry, including HVAC, electrical, contracting, property management, medical, etc.

Greetings Should Be Clear and Concise

The starting place for developing any type of phone greeting is being clear and concise. For us, whether we are dealing with contractor, medical, or HVAC calls, we want to be clear in our greetings so that callers know that they have reached the right number and that we can help them.

Here is a simple sample of a clear and concise greeting: “Good morning, you have reached the Acme HVAC Company. My name is Mary. How can I help you today?” With just three simple sentences, a caller is reassured and invited to begin the conversation.

Identification Is Important

Identifying both the company and the representative are key elements to setting a caller’s mind at ease. On the other hand, imagine what might go through a caller’s mind without any identification to work with. The caller might wonder if he has called the right number. He might wonder whether the person on the other hand can really help him.

The company or organization’s name confirms the right number was dialed. Meanwhile, the representative’s name assures the caller that he is speaking with a real human being. Now the two are ready to have a conversation.

The Tone Should Be Friendly but Professional

Creating a good first impression is about two things: making the caller feel both confident and comfortable. Let us start with feeling comfortable. Someone who is comfortable on the phone is willing to have a conversation rather than just making demands or explaining a problem. We recommend maintaining a friendly tone that invites comfortable conversation.

As for the confidence aspect, callers need to have confidence in the person with whom they are interacting. Maintaining professionalism is key to making it happen. When representatives master a friendly but professional tone, they instill confidence and make callers more comfortable.

Greetings Should Include an Offer of Assistance

Though we want phone greetings to be clear and concise, we also want them to invite interaction. One of the best ways to do that is to offer assistance. That is why we recommend a phrase like “How can I help you today?”. Offering assistance demonstrates that the phone representative is engaged. It makes an enormous difference.

Consistency Helps a Lot, Too

Finally, consistency helps a lot when answering business phone calls. Therefore, it is a good idea to come up with a greeting that can be used consistently, by every phone rep, regardless of when a call comes in. This doesn’t necessarily mean that every phone representative needs to use the exact same words in a rote fashion. It does mean similar words conveying the same basic ideas.

Our bread and butter at Apello is the telephone. Whether it is medical, property management, electrical, plumbing, or HVAC answering service, we know the greeting for each call sets the stage for everything else. The greeting is a representative’s one opportunity to create a good first impression on the phone. Contact us for more information.

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