Live Answering Service: Because You Have Always Worked Remotely

Live Answering Service: Because You Have Always Worked Remotely

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The COVID pandemic changed a lot of things for a lot of people. Think about office workers. Being shut out from the office meant working remotely. It was a big change. Of course, it didn’t affect you. You have always worked remotely. So what does that have to do with live answering services? Everything.

The types of workers who have always worked remotely include professionals like independent plumbers, electricians, landscape professionals, home inspectors, and window washers. Perhaps you are involved in one of these professions – or even something entirely different. Regardless, always working remotely means also answering your calls remotely. That gets in the way of getting the real work done.

Your Office Is Your Business

A common concern among remote workers is customers finding out that their offices are really their vans, trucks, or favorite tables down at the local coffee shop. The fact that you work out of a truck is perfectly acceptable to you. You know using your vehicle as an office does not hinder your ability to provide excellent service. But your customers might think it unprofessional if they are talking with you over the phone and they hear noisy traffic going by.

Here’s how we see it: your office is your business. Even as a remote worker, your customers don’t need to know that your office is unconventional. They do not need any reason to believe that you offer less than professional service just because you don’t maintain a brick-and-mortar office in a downtown professional building.

Contracting with a live answering service means having your calls answered in a professional environment. It also means having calls answered by trained professionals who know how to provide timely, courteous interactions that make customers happy. It is exactly what your business needs.

More Than Answering the Phones

A live answering service is one of the best tools you could have as a remote worker. Think about it. What are some of the other ways customers contact you? What are some of the other reception-based tasks you need to manage because you work remotely and independently? If you could work with an answering service that also handles reception, wouldn’t that be better?

Here at Apello, we like to say that clients can actually improve communication with our services. We are essentially a communications partner that specializes in small business. We offer a variety of services that could enhance your business despite the fact that you work remotely. Here are just a couple of examples:

  • Conference Calls – All sorts of remote workers need to take advantage of conference calls from time to time. We offer a conference bridge ideal for sales meetings, presentations, and any other needs that require conference calling.
  • Fax Services – Do customers send you faxes? If so, how do you get them? We offer a fax to email service that captures faxes sent to your number and forwards them to your email as PDFs. You get easy and immediate viewing.

Of course, we offer all the other services you would expect from a live answering service. They include voicemail, call routing, taking messages, scheduling appointments, and even managing basic level support. Our full range of services can help any remote worker be a better worker.

You have always worked remotely; it is no big deal to you. But we think you can do better. Let us start working together to provide a better experience for your customers by incorporating a live answering service. Months from now, you will probably be surprised that you managed to survive for so many years without an answering service.

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