How a Call Service Taking Orders Can Help Your Company Grow

How a Call Service Taking Orders Can Help Your Company Grow

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Whether you call it an answering service, a call service, or something else entirely, what we do involves more than just taking messages. We offer a variety of services that go hand-in-hand with answering calls. One of them is taking orders over the phone. For some of our clients, taking orders is invaluable.

A call service taking orders on your behalf can actually help your company grow. Think about it. When customers call with the intention of buying, somebody needs to be on the other end to make the sale. Putting the sale on hold until a company representative is available risks losing the sale altogether. That is no way to run a business.

Order Taking Equals Customer Service

Whether you are talking a brick-and-mortar store or an online operation, choosing to take orders over the phone constitutes customer service. You are serving your customers by giving them an opportunity to order from one of your representatives directly. Enter the answering service that also takes orders.

Not being able to take orders during certain hours translates into offering limited customer service. Again, that is no way to run a business. Your customers expect top-notch customer service. Their expectations include being able to place an order whenever they call.

Think of it as an all-or-nothing proposition. If you are going to utilize an answering service to take your calls after hours or when you don’t want to be disturbed, the service should also be taking orders as well. If you do not want to take orders during those periods, perhaps answering the phone should be put on ice, too.

A Dedicated Sales Team

Not answering the phone is really not an option these days. So we are back to the same issue: callers should be able to place orders at any time. Adding order-taking services to your call center package not only facilitates order taking around the clock, but it also provides your company with a dedicated sales team.

Call centers teams are made up of individuals trained to answer your calls in whatever way is best for your business. They are trained to take orders as well. Call center personnel are able to answer questions, offer basic advice, and even help guide customers in their purchase decisions. In essence, they should be able to do everything your regular sales team does – within reason, of course.

Happy Customers Tell Others

This entire discussion has been predicated on the idea of order-taking helping your business grow. How does it help? Taking orders at the moment customers are ready to place them makes those customers happy. And guess what happy customers do? They tell others about their experiences.

Imagine John lamenting that he has trouble getting through to place an order with one of his favorite companies. Susie responds by describing her experiences with your company. She never has trouble placing an order no matter when she calls. Guess who John is going to call next time he needs the products you sell?

Don’t Give Up on the Phone

As you think about everything you have read thus far, we want to leave you with one final thought: do not give up on the phone as a means of serving your customers. It’s true that a lot of business is conducted online. But people still appreciate the opportunity to speak with live representatives. They appreciate being able to order things over the phone after asking questions and having their concerns addressed. If you take orders over the phone, consider adding order taking to the call center services you already pay for.

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