A Receptionist During the Day, an Answering Service After Hours

A Receptionist During the Day, an Answering Service After Hours

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There was a day when companies wouldn’t even think about trying to conduct business without a receptionist on staff. These days, live receptionists are still the preferred option. But technology is beginning to encourage business owners to look at automated and AI virtual assistants as replacements for reception. We think that this is a bad idea.

Receptionists are the first point of contact many people have with local businesses. Whether it is a customer calling an HVAC company or a patient arriving at the doctor’s office, the receptionist offers a warm and friendly greeting that sets the stage for the entire transaction.

Digital technology may be capable of a lot of incredible things, but it cannot replace the experience of interacting with another person. Perhaps that’s why the vast majority of companies still rely on human receptionists.

The Role Is Changing

The one thing we can say about technology is that it is changing the receptionist’s role. Today’s receptionist does more than just answer calls and direct them to the right people. Receptionists have become customer service agents, helpdesk representatives, order takers, and appointment schedulers.

Although our live answering services do not include all the tasks modern receptionists now do, Apello can handle tasks above and beyond taking messages. For example, we can take orders and make appointments. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about all the services we offer.

In the meantime, here are the top five tasks modern receptionists are responsible for, according to Smith.ai’s Sean Lund-Brown:

  1. Answering and routing phone calls
  2. Greeting visitors and clients
  3. Scheduling and schedule management
  4. Maintaining the office (physical or virtual)
  5. Mailing, shipping, receiving, etc.

It is no coincidence that answering and routing phone calls is at the top of the list. That particular task is that which made the receptionist’s job what it was 30 years ago. It’s a task that still needs to be done by somebody.

Virtual and Live Reception

At this point you might be wondering what any of this has to do with Apello and live answering services. Actually, it has everything to do with the services we offer. Your business needs reception of some sort. But that doesn’t mean you only need reception during daytime business hours. You actually need it after hours as well. You need virtual reception, which is something we can offer.

Modern business is no longer limited to the old-fashioned 9-to-5. The on-demand economy has seen to that. Today’s consumers are used to being able to contact businesses at any time of the night or day. They expect immediate answers to their questions and quick solutions to their problems. If no one is around between 5 PM and 9 AM, customers know it. And they are not happy about it.

Virtual reception means having someone to answer calls and greet customers even after hours. It can make the difference for a home contractor whose customers tend to make their phone calls in the evenings. For some businesses though, like medical offices and property management companies, 24/7 reception is no longer an option. It is an absolute must.

Service When You Need It Most

There is no way for us to know the exact types of reception services your company needs without getting to know you and your company. Still, we would value the opportunity to explain how Apello can make a difference to your business and bottom line.

We offer live answering services along with order taking, scheduling, and more, during those times when you need it most. We can be your receptionist when he or she is not working.

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